Neon Genesis Evangelion, 1995, Japanese mecha anime television series produced by Gainax and Tatsunoko Production, directed by Hideaki Anno. Story of the war machine in a cyber-flux with dominated nature, battling to occupy the smooth space.

What about the beginning of the world? Was it also an apocalypse?


Not so long time ago most Europeans were convinced that the earth was created in six divinely ordered 24-hour time-slots. It happened in the spectacular graphics of disaster, the trauma mothered the world, around 4000 BC, a year derived at by tracing biblical genealogies.


Genesis, in tension with its counterpart, Apocalypse, animated a messianically timed event and a figure of thought illustrating the forces of an immemorial nature. Chaos outside the system had been registered as a means for temporal orientation, once as Genesis and once as Apocalypse. 


In the beginning, God created the sun, moon, stars, and oceans, then proceeded with the creatures of the air, sea, and land, and followed by the appearance of the most magnificent and most complex creature – man. The first people, Adam, Eve and the animals, harmoniously shared a garden together, were vegetarian until the couple sinned and begun promiscuous relationships, meet eating and brutality. The Old Testament’s timing of immanence, which is present everywhere, is altogether transcendent, which means that God’s manifestation in material things is purely accidental. 



Last modified: August 23, 2020