Serpents in a Dream

De saura serpente (Of the serpent called the saura) from the 12th-century Aberdeen Bestiary. Serpents are proof against fire, they can poison all apples in a tree, poison water in a well, killing anyone who drinks from it. They can survive in flames and put a fire out. Serpents are protectors of their master's home, especially from mice and evil spirits. They are known to love milk.



Last night I had a dream where on my window I had a plant with snakes in place of branches, lively and slick they squirmed making a squeaky sound, like old rusty bed springs which don’t let you rotate in your sleep. I came closer and understood that the snakes were hungry. I then fed them with white worms placing them on the top of my finger one by one. I was slightly frightened, yet I knew I was doing the right thing.



Last modified: September 25, 2020